Welcome to KOACOIN Community token driven and focused On saving endangered Koalas! We will Save Koalas by donating to foundations with the funds we generate through our Tokenomics.
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Let us save the Koala’s!

Koalas need our help! Koalas are threatened by decreasing loss of habitat due to tree clearing.

They are also impacted by other factors including disease, climate change and devastating fires. And that is where Koacoin comes into the picture. Our goal is to combine our powers and save the Koala’s together, with the use of our tokenomics we can donate to Save Koala foundations and help in saving Koala’s from going extinct by getting them a loving habitat and not let a single Koala be left alone. 


Phase 1

-Contract Launch
-Website Launch
-Social media setup (Twitter, Instagram, Telegram)
-First donation to Save Koalas
-Listing on pancakeswap
-Listing on CoinGecko
-CMC listing


Phase 2

-Donating to save more Koalas until they are all saved!
-Possibly Koala NFT’s

Phase 3

-More donations towards Koala’s
-Koala’s are friendly therefore were going to donate to other endangered animals as well!
-More to come!

How To Buy


1. Download Trust Wallet


2. Exchange on Pancake Swap


3. Binance Smart Chain Scan


5% Towards LP Lock

4% Towards fund wallet

3% Redistribution

1% Manual buyback


Total supply: 350.000.000.000 KOALA
Tokens for presale: KOALA
Rest gets added to liquidity and leftovers get burned!

Dev wallet: 0x8c0c6C4636dfe1cE8ABb57ccf3E87633F00F9008



Total Supply